Proposed Talos Homes Development

June 1, 2015 Public Meeting Summary

A public meeting to discuss the Talos Homes proposed development was hosted by the MCA on June 1, 2015 from 7-9pm in the Munster Elementary School Gym.

The meeting was well attended with 115 people who signed in at the meeting.


  • MCA Executive Member Jessica Breckenridge
  • City Councillor Scott Moffatt
  • Developer Representatives
    • Talos Homes: David Toscano, Owner
    • Stantec Consultants: Larry Morrison, David Krajaefski, Kris Kilborn

Development Possibilities

  • Talos Homes owns 142 acres behind the Owlshead quadrant in Munster and are interested in developing a community similar to what Munster is now and are open to other types of development the community may want.
  • Talos did note they had an interest in providing units for seniors such as bungalows and semi-detached units could also be a possibility.
  • There is also a possibility there could be a commercial area (approx. 3 acres) which could complement the current Munster businesses.
  • The development would also include open space with pathways and parks.
  • Talos noted they do not wish to have a suburban development with higher density units, they are interested in keeping the village feel with a similar development.
  • Talos was unable to comment on possible costs of units but did note it would be unlikely to have them over $500,000.
  • Councillor Moffatt noted it would be unlikely for Munster to receive requests for growth around the entire village as some areas are restricted, to the east there would be restrictions given the proximity to quarries and other areas there are agriculture uses, but there could be a possibility for growth to the west of Munster.


Development Process and Timelines

  • To allow a development on this land the City policy regarding village boundaries would have to be reviewed and expanded to include the Talos lands. There are 26 rural villages in the City of Ottawa and if expanding the boundary in Munster was considered it would likely entail a review of all village boundaries.
  • The next scheduled time for a review would be through the City’s Official Plan Review in 2018/2019. If the village boundary was expanded to include these lands the next step would be a Community Design Plan (CDP) which would take 1-2 years to complete with involvement from the community. Following the CDP the developer would have to submit Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment applications to the City which would likely take minimum 2 years to complete.
  • Talos noted if approved it could be 10 years for full development but more likely 10-20 years. Presently Talos builds approximately 35 units per year. Councillor Moffatt also noted there has been a slow growth rate in other village such as Richmond and Manotick.


Servicing the New Development

  • Questions and comments were raised regarding how this new development would be provided municipal services and what impact this would have on the existing water and sewer services. Talos must still review this in more detail, but they will be required to ensure they put in this infrastructure at their cost to properly service the new development.
  • Concern was expressed by residents as the Richmond/Munster pipeline was a major discussion in the community and residents want to ensure there is no impact to their existing services. Talos Homes noted there is limited additional capacity in the existing sewer system and they will be required to provide a full engineering plan for sewer and water services.
  • The City would require a new development be on municipal services. They would not be permitted to be on personal wells or septic services.
  • The preference for Talos Homes would be to have access to natural gas for the new development.



  • A rough plan at the meeting showed a connection to Bleeks Road which raised concern regarding traffic on this road. It was noted a preference would be for all traffic to access Munster Road. As part of the development process the traffic impact would be reviewed and the development could be required to undertake intersection improvements at Munster and Bleeks Roads.
  • Traffic concern was raised that children are not street smart and noted an interest in crosswalks. Councillor Moffatt noted at this time crosswalks are not recommended in the City as under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act the pedestrian does not have the right of way so in the case of an accident the pedestrian would be at fault. The City is working on this item and hoping to see changes by the Province on this matter.


Taxes and Property Values

  • Impact on existing residential taxes and property values was raised. Residents would not see an increase in cost for services on taxes, however there could be an increase through house assessments. As property values may increase in Munster this would in turn result in an increase in house assessments.


Community Use of the School

  • Residents expressed their interest to ensure the community continues to have community use of the school. It was noted there is a contract between the City and School Board, however there is a clause noting if both parties agree the contract can be void.
  • The MCA will be looking into this further and speaking with the School Board and the City.
  • Councillor Scott Moffatt noted that the City could also look at acquiring the building as this has been done for other properties.


Additional Comments and Questions on Development

  • Concerns were expressed representing the interests of residents on Owlshead who back directly onto this property. These residents do not want to have houses directly behind their existing homes and would like to retain the open view of fields.
  • A resident noted they were not interested in seeing townhouses as part of the development.
  • Residents noted their interest in houses for seniors, to allow them to downsize and be able to stay in Munster.
  • Concerns for the wildlife and natural environment were expressed.
  • It was noted there is not an interest for Munster to grow to become like Stittsville or Carleton Place.
  • Building homes closer to Saunders Farm may result in more noise complaints.
  • Comments were made in supporting status quo be maintained.
  • Residents were encouraged to consider the pros and cons to the development and the long term impact on Munster.
  • It is important that the builder is willing to engage the community in the process.
  • Munster has grown from the beginning and will continue to grow.


Next Steps

  • It is anticipated there will be more discussions with the developer, MCA, City Councillor Scott Moffatt, City Staff and the community.
  • Talos Homes wants to build a development with the community support, they intend to work with the community throughout the process. There have been no applications submitted with the City.
  • For development to proceed the village boundary of Munster needs to be expanded to include these lands. The next scheduled time for a review would be through the City’s Official Plan Review in 2018/2019.
  • At this time Councillor Moffatt does not support development based on the feedback he received during the 2012 Village Review. However, he will consider feedback from the community on this proposal and may seek a consensus from the community.
  • The MCA has no official position on this proposal at this time.
  • Meeting summary and further updates will be posted on the MCA website at , MCA Facbook Page and will be posted in the community bulletin board outside Macs.
  • Residents were encouraged to provide their comments and questions to Scott Moffatt via email at . It is very important that comments are sent directly to Councillor Moffatt.
  • Following the meeting the MCA created an email account to receive comments. If you also want to share your comments with the MCA please send them to .


Summary of Comment Sheets Provided at the Meeting

  • Support for development especially if community can have input. Could provide employment opportunities for residents in construction industry.
  • Resident support development for seniors so they may stay in Munster.
  • Unrealistic to have no development and become stagnant, support small scale development including bungalows.
  • Need to encourage all voices of Munster to provide their input and participate in process.
  • Question raised regarding how houses will be heated and if natural gas will be extended to other areas outside of village boundary.
  • Questions regarding impact on power and water supply.
  • Interest in pathways, green space, bungalows, and more services for residents (i.e. Doctors). Concern with demand on infrastructure and opposed to townhouses. Preference for no development.
  • Opposed to development
  • Opposed to development and would like to see land used for community garden/farming.
  • Concern with destruction of land and environment.
  • Concern for environment and that suburban developments are visually unappealing.

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