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Thank you for your interest in our Community. The following directors are directors for the 2018-19 year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the below individuals.

MCA 2018-2019 Executive Members

President – Dave Tellier
Vice-President –Jude Sammon
Secretary – Barb Moulton
Treasurer – Bruce Ewen
Recreation Director – Gabriella Beyer
Social Director – Laura Rupert
Membership Director – Genn Brown
Community Centre Liaison – Heather Kirk
Webmaster – Lisa Lahey

Members at Large:
Jessica Breckenridge
Tami Campbell
Bob Easy
Jody Ferguson
Kelly Francis
Karen Heney
Sharron McClelland
Bailey Mowat
Frank Stokes

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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Copy of letter sent to Canada Post Local Area Manager, and cc’d to Scott Moffatt, Gordon O’Connor and Jack Maclaren re closing of Munster PO in Mac’s.

    June 19, 2015

    Local Area Manager,
    Canada Post,

    Dear Mr. LaVictoire,

    My family has just received notice of the impending closure of the Munster Post Office retail outlet in our corner Mac’s store. We are not pleased.

    Your notice to residents claims that “no alternate locations were found to open a new postal outlet”. I beg to differ. There is an empty unit in the plaza diagonally across the street!

    We have been using the postal facility since 1975 when the postmaster was Lloyd Hobbs. Even when the Beckers (at that time) burned down, Lloyd arranged for a trailer to still provide postal services for us.

    For the entire life span of the Munster Community, approximately 42 years, we have saved Canada Post enormous amounts of money by having community mailboxes instead of expensive door to door delivery. While having mailboxes taken out of the store allows us access for more hours, (since recently some strange decision forced the Mac’s people to stop serving us after 6pm much to our frustration, anger and dismay) we will not have access to purchasing of stamps, money orders, nor mailing of parcels (another service which was taken away recently).

    If Canada Post cannot
    1) encourage Mac’s Head Office to reconsider keeping the postal outlet open
    2) open in the empty unit in the mall across the street
    3) open in a trailer, perhaps situated at the north end of the plaza

    may I suggest that the community mailboxes be kept all as one, and situated at the north end of the plaza on the north west corner of Bleeks and Munster Side Rd.
    If all boxes are located there, then traffic, running parked cars and the visual blight of mailboxes with weeds growing around them is kept to the busy part of the village where we are all used to picking up our mail, and not in the residential part of the community.

    You must realize, if you have not had the pleasure of driving through our village, Munster streets do not have sidewalks. Our children play on the street as traffic is always minimal. Residents walk their dogs on the road.
    We have no areas for pulling off the street. In the winter, our streets are not plowed immediately, and when they are, our snow banks are considerably high and wide. The majority of our roads are curved.

    Most residents pick their mail up on the way home from work, which brings most traffic to the mailboxes in the 4pm to 6pm timeslot, just when our children have arrived home and are outside playing.

    If mailboxes are put in each quadrant of the residential section, too many cars would be parked on the streets in front of them, blocking any oncoming driver’s view down the street, adding pollution to the area of our immediate homes from running motors, and creating unsafe conditions for the many residents who walk our streets.

    Please, please reconsider your decision to close the postal facility. And if that fails, consider locating the mailboxes altogether at the plaza.

    If we must go to an outdoor mailbox, will Canada Post forward our mail for 6 months at no cost to us? We have spent much time over the years correcting our address at Canada Post’s insistance to our Box number only, and now we must change to our municipal address. There will be many institutions, companies, relatives, friends, including the Gov’t of Canada and the City of Ottawa, all our utilities that need to be notified of a change of address. That will take a number of months no doubt. I would expect free forwarding of our mail. Can we be assured of this service?

    It would have been nice to have had a community meeting with Canada Post to discuss this situation!

    I have cc’d my city councillor, MP, MPP, the president and vice president of the Munster Community Association.

    Thank you for listening, I hope to hear from you soon, and that this decision will be reversed.

    Vikki Zulpo
    Box 192
    Munster, Ont.

  2. I was just wondering if there is a Christmas craft sale coming up in Munster? If so, how can I become part of it? I was also wondering about the vacant Recreation, and Social Director position. Can I get some information regarding these positions?

    Thanks so much.


    1. There is a craft/ small business sale this weekend at the community centre. Based on the number of vendors last time I assume they’re full but I can send a quick message to the organizer to ask if you could be ready that quickly. Otherwise nothing I’ve heard of.
      The MCA meets next Wednesday 630 pm at the community centre. If you’re able to stop by then that would be a great place to see what’s going on and find out about the positions. If that isn’t convenient, message me at and I can give you some history/ information.

  3. Good morning;

    I am one of the Project Coordinators involved with bringing new family physicians to the village of Richmond Ontario. I am hoping to ask for your help in spreading the word, as we are currently accepting new patients for 5 physicians who are joining Richmond Goulbourn Medical Centre and will be able to service all of the surrounding rural areas as well.

    I am attaching a link to the recent article published in the Stittsville News. If you have any suggestions on how to advertise within the community of Munster, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your help.
    Lisa Pushee

    1. May 28th. There should be signs popping up soon. You may also want to consider joining the Munster Community Association Facebook page for regular updates about these and other events.

  4. For your up-coming events section would you post this please: Grace Baptist Church will be holding its Vacation Bible School the week of 29 August – 02 September. It is for children 6-12 years old. Registration info should be up on our website ( in July.

    1. Hi Karyse, Our Canada Day event will be held outside at the Munster park where it is mostly an open and flat space, but there are a few spots that someone may need assistance if in a wheelchair because in certain areas, the land has some rolls to it. We will also have an oversized washroom to accommodate anyone in a wheelchair. We will have something for everyone when it comes to games and crafts and there will also be an animal and balloon show in the afternoon that is geared to everyone. Hope this helps and if you have any questions at all or specific accommodation requests please feel free to ask. You can post here for more questions or email me at .
      Thank you,
      Jessica Breckenridge
      MCA President

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