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A New Logo for Munster Community Association

Let us know which logo you like best for the MCA!
Your response will assist the MCA Executive in deciding on the new logo for the Munster Community Association.  Please respond only ONCE per person.  Thank you to those who provided feedback already at the poster board on Canada Day and your feedback has already been recorded so you do not need to do the survey.
Special thanks to our MCA Member at Large, Jody Ferguson at Voilà Creative for designing the logo options.
Please respond by Sunday, July 23 through the survey by clicking here.
Please make sure to provide your selection and comments through the survey at the link above to make sure they are registered.  We will not be permitting comments on this website to make sure that people respond via the survey (as this makes it easier for the MCA executive volunteer members to keep track of all the input).
Option 1
Option 2
Option 2 ‘alternative use’ example which could be used for promotional materials, etc.
Option 3