Dave Tellier
December 7, 2018

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The real Santa is Easy to spot

Santa came to Munster last Sunday, December 2nd. It was magical!

How could I tell that I was meeting the real Santa? It was Easy, you can’t fake a beard like that. It was thicker than a Christmas tree and whiter than a north pole blizzard. Sure he had the right outfit, but you could tell he brought joy and laughter to the Community Centre. It was Easy to see, he was the real deal.

I loved how everyone came together to share a few hours. There was hot chocolate and steaming cider. Grahame’s Bakery in Kemptville supplied Santa with boxes of gingerbread people for us to decorate and afterward, we went on a horse-drawn wagon ride down Munster road. The best part (besides meeting Santa himself) was seeing Santa’s magic light up Munster.

If you have pictures or stories to share please forward them to me so I can add them here.

Extra story from John:

🙁 I wish I had my kids that weekend.

Although my eldest did see him about a month ago hanging around Danbys. He asked me “daddy, is that Santa?” To which I replied “sure looks like him, why don’t you go ask”

He did just that.

At that point the gentleman and my son returned to the table, and he gave his answer.

Neither confirming nor denying the question, he said “why don’t you come by when he is in town and find out”.

To this day my son believes he met Santa disguised as a Munster resident. 😁