Jessica Breckenridge
November 17, 2020

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Support the Richmond Food Bank 

The Munster community is served by the Richmond Food Bank and they are in need of donations and volunteers. It’s important to note that it completely relies on support from the local community and it is not affiliated with the Ottawa Food bank. Even though the Richmond Food Bank is small, they service Richmond, Munster, and the surrounding area and their list of clients needing their services has been growing.

Many people can be going through difficult times and it is important our community supports as we can and if you need assistance please contact the Richmond Food Bank at 613-838-5397 ext 3.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and most helpful during this time as King’s YIG supports the food bank in bulk buying of food and clients are given gift cards with their monthly order, to purchase perishable items, such as milk and meat. Donations can be made by:

  • Email Money Transfer to Sharon Milne at
  • Mailed cheques to: Richmond Food Bank, c/o Box 646 Richmond ON, K0A2Z0.

Food donations can be provided if preferred such canned meat, tuna and salmon, canned vegetables, peanut butter, and rice are always appreciated. Items such pasta, chick peas, and canned corn are not needed at this time and please ensure no food is expired.

There is a need for volunteers at this time especially as some have to step away and there is a need to lighten the amount of work on the remaining volunteers. Please use the below contacts to volunteer.

For more information please contact the Richmond Food Bank at 613-838-5397 ext 3, or you can contact Sharon Milne with an inquires at 613-838-3954 or