Local Services

Munster is a fully serviced community, including full protection services (911, police, fire, and ambulance) through the City of Ottawa.

Our community also receives bus services via OCTranspo, Ottawa’s municipal bus service. Munster and the surrounding area are serviced by Rural Express Route 283R. There is also a Park-and-Ride in Richmond, as well as Stittsville and Kanata.

The hamlet receives fresh water via two community wells that are maintained and tested regularly by the City. These also supply water to the fire hydrants within the village. Sewer service is provided by a trunk sewer pipeline that links up with the main City of Ottawa sewer system.

Municipal and Government Services

Municipal Representative - Scott Moffatt

Provincial Government, Carleton-Mississippi Mills - Jack Maclaren, MPP

Federal Government, Carleton - Pierre Poilievre, MP