Dave Tellier
December 21, 2018

Image Credit: Chelmsford










Our picks for the best-decorated house in each section of Munster. There were a few really great houses that could have won had they been members of the association.

We will be delivering Danbys gifts certificates to the winners in recognition of their holiday cheer. Extra credit to the family on Chelmsford Crescent for decorating the wooded paths as well.

This year we decided to officially dedicate the contest to a few local residents. Here is the Fuller Family Legacy by Heather Kirk:

For those of you who have not yet met the Fullers, Bonnie and Harry and their two sons came to Munster in 1994 by way of a long path, and Harry’s military career, that had the family living in the Territories, Hawaii, Newfoundland and then Ottawa. Moving to Munster for them, as for many of us, was for the chance to get out of the city.

Back in the day, the location at the corner of Bleeks and Munster roads was Hobbs’ General Store and actually sold gas. At some point in its history, the family sold the store to Becker’s. The Fullers took over the store in July of 1998 around the time Becker’s changed to Mac’s Convenience stores. From that time until October 2008, the store was in the capable hands of the Fullers. It was a community hub, the place people went to get information, to find out what was happening in town, to grab a coffee, pick up a paper and say hi to friends. Even today, they can tell you who lived where, went where, married whom and did what. Three weeks after Bonnie and Harry gave up the store, Bonnie was called back to run the post office that was located inside the store. Even under the new ownership, the store still retained the same sense of being a community hub and Bonnie and Harry still a core of that. In 2015, a family bought the location from Mac’s staying one year before turning their attention to the Richmond location and Bonnie returned to run the store until it closed for good in May 2017. Over their years, the Fullers employed nearly 100 youth, some who started in high school and went on to post-secondary, others who gained first work experience and moved on to other things.

Part of the community for more than 20 years, the Fullers represent what Munster is all about – community, knowing and helping neighbours.