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MCA 2018-2019 Executive Members

President – Dave Tellier
Vice-President –Jude Sammon
Secretary – Barb Moulton
Treasurer – Bruce Ewen
Recreation Director – Gabriella Beyer
Social Director – Laura Rupert
Membership Director – Genn Brown
Community Centre Liaison – Heather Kirk
Webmaster – Lisa Lahey

Members at Large:

Jessica Breckenridge
Tami Campbell
Bob Easy
Jody Tubman
Kelly Francis
Karen Heney
Sharron McClelland
Bailey Mowat
Frank Stokes

Surrounding communities:

North Gower, ON
Richmond, ON
Stittsville, ON

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Munster Community Association
58 Dogwood Drive
Munster, ON, K0A 3P0

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