Jill McArthur
June 27, 2021

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Canada Day Scavenger Hunt Details 2021

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The MCA recognizes that this Canada Day will be different for most people. We wanted to continue our traditional scavenger hunt as well as provide an educational activity for our community about Indigenous culture. We have the support from our Indigenous friends who live in Munster (and thank them for the help they gave in creating this hunt) and we hope that you think of them and the rest of the Indigenous community during the hunt.
  • The kids’ clues are hidden in the areas shown on the sheet.
  • The adult ones are hidden in the quadrants and common spaces adjoined to that quadrant. I believe there is only ONE clue hidden near the community centre that is part of the adult hunt. All other clues in that space are the kids’ ones.
  • The main two roads (Munster and Bleeks) are the separating lines for the quads.
  • The ‘blue sign to the blue signs’ refers to the WELCOME TO MUNSTER signs.