Jill McArthur
July 15, 2021

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Bottle Drive August 14

Heads up! The next Bottle Drive is being planned for Saturday, August 14th 2021. Save all your empties and tabs for us!! 

Hi everyone, my name is Bob Easy. I, along with my partner, Darryl Denault, run a number of fund raising events through the Goalie Academy. We have raised money for goalies to get professional training on Iber Road in Stittsville and for youth whose families need assistance to pay for the cost of paying their sport including fees, equipment, and tournaments. We have given money to the Richmond Food Bank, to Brain Cancer, The Heart Institute, and to the families in our area needing financial assistance.

To fund these efforts we run bottle drives to collect all types of empty alcohol containers. The alcohol containers can also be dropped off at my home between drives or I will pick them up for you. In addition, we sell chocolate bars and pepperettes.

In our latest venture, we are working with Vickie Riccardo in support of The MacDonald Foundation to earn enough to pay for wheelchairs. Students are earning volunteer hours for school by helping to remove the tabs from beer and soft drink cans which will in turn be handed over to The MacDonald Foundation.

We are hoping to help with the purchase of at least 4 wheelchairs this year. If your daughter or son needs volunteer hours please give me a call and we can arrange for them to come help take off and count the tabs.

Local restaurants too are saving tabs for us: George’s and The School House in Munster plus The Blue Diamond in Richmond, who along with BMR Richmond, R&R Auto Stittsville, and Myers Motors Stittsville sell our chocolate bars and pepperettes.

Thanks to everyone who works with us in support of these great causes.

Bob Easy, President
The Goalie Academy
5 Cobblestone Court, Munster
Home: 613-838-5819
Cell: 613-797-5819