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Annual Fuller Christmas Light Up the Night Contest! 

Part of the community for more than 20 years, the Fullers represent what Munster is all about – community, knowing and helping neighbours, for more details on their history in Munster visit the MCA website.
NEW this year we are changing up the holiday light decorating contest, and we see some people are already showing their spirit in Munster! Contest includes the 4 quadrants, Biltmore, rural Munster Road and Bleeks Road.
Here is how to participate:

Make sure you have …


For those of you who have not yet met the Fullers, Bonnie and Harry and their two sons came to Munster in 1994 by way of a long path, and Harry’s military career, that had the family living in the Territories, Hawaii, Newfoundland and then Ottawa.
Moving to Munster for them, as for many of us, was for the chance to get out of the city.
Back in the day, the …

Support the Richmond Food Bank 

The Munster community is served by the Richmond Food Bank and they are in need of donations and volunteers. It’s important to note that it completely relies on support from the local community and it is not affiliated with the Ottawa Food bank. Even though the Richmond Food Bank is small, they service Richmond, Munster, and the surrounding area and their list of clients needing their services has been growing.
Many people can be going through difficult times and it is important our community supports as we …


This year to make this Halloween more festive in Munster, is to have a STREET decorating competition! That’s right…..we’re doing it a little different this year….hopefully to create some neighbourly competitiveness. Imagine how amazing Munster would look if we all came together and made this Halloween the best decorated, ever! Kids have had a hard go this year and this little added bit of fun will surely liven their spirits and make it an amazing memory.

How it works: